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First set of plans

| January 9, 2010

So As promised I have been doing some preliminary plans for my next bunch of blankets Peter Morgan Sue Morgan Gregory Morgan Charlie Morgan A pulley! (Dont know if its Leanne or Hannah!) Vicki Williams So, I still have a couple to work on prelims for but, if you’re one of the above listed victims […]

Jons blanket – completed

| January 9, 2010

Jon should be happy to hear I have finished sewing the ends of his blanket – I get a huge amount of joy of designing and crochetting blankets but for some reason the sewing in of the ends really really gets me, Ive done some blankets that had a lot of ends, the end sewing […]

Black hat done!

| January 9, 2010

Well Im glad to report I completed the black hat, I of course forgot to take a photo before giving it to its new owner so I will try get one soon.

Da black hat!

| January 5, 2010

Tonight – in evading sewing ends (as its the only bit I hate about crochetting pretty patterns) I started a new winter hat. As per last time its the pattern you find at this site But this time its black!

Jons blanket – crochet complete!

| January 4, 2010

Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of updates along the way, however, by wee hours of sunday norning I had completed the crochet on Jons blanket. I had the border and end sewing todo. Well, I did the border, now I just got the ends to complete.. Hes how it came into […]

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