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Dads blanket – crochet complete!!

| May 30, 2009

  I havent sewen the ends, or gone round the colours in a black line like intended, and I may add a border, but, the initial crochet part is complete!

Tonight Dads blanket looks like…

| May 26, 2009

Update on Dad’s blanket

| May 24, 2009

  As Im likely to forget to update this later or in the morning – heres the current state of play with the blanket for my Dad!

Next in line!

| December 31, 2008

So, next blanket is in the plans, its been designed, colours picked, only problem now? One of the colours wasnt on the online list to buy. Sigh. So, Ive written to them to find out if they can get me the colour I want. If not a bit of a recolour is in order – […]

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