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Here are the crochet ravings of me, the projects I do, and items related to the site. I apologise Im not a great blogger, I have good intentions but get easily side tracked, especially by my crochet hook.

July 2024

Recent works

Posted By on September 5, 2016

Some Long draw effort not going bad

A nice bit of merino and silk

New Tunisian entrelac blanket

Posted By on January 28, 2016

Originally I wanted to use this yarn for a brioche knitted hat but it’s a single yarn eg not plied and it splits like milk on a hot day. 

So after a few goes and getting might hacked off I decided to see if it would crochet up better. It does. So it’s going to be used up doing that. Which is ok. I had fancied me a pure wool blanket. But I wasn’t planning this but this will do nice enough. 

This was after day 2. I find Tunisian entrelac grows real fast. Knitted doesn’t even though I can knit backwards and save myself a lot of turning. 

Catch up 

Posted By on December 3, 2015

So. All my scarfs sold. I will fess up that I was disappointed they went for I think it was 5 quid each. So raised 20 for the charity. Considering each took me about 8 hours after a good 4+ setting the loom up. I am a little disappointed they weren’t more popular. 

But. I decided to make a cotton tea towel. However the loom was not in the mood and broke

So. Wednesday I got the spinning wheel out and am making yarn! 

So my plan this weekend is make yarn

Scarfs for fluffs completed.

Posted By on November 9, 2015

So.  While they are currently up for auction, and the photos dont really do them justice. My for scarfs for furries. Completed. I included the part made ones so you can associate how they looked.  Added bonus dog modelling.

So far bidding on them is low, a little disapointing, each scarf takes over a day to make. In fact only two have bids on.

So there you have them


Scarfs to help some fluffs

Posted By on October 22, 2015

I made some wool earlier in the year and sold it to raise cash to help dogs. They are to be doing an auction soon and I thought I would try make some scarfs 

I decided to pick very plain and simple colours that anyone could wear with anything. I decided going funky may not be the best plan. 


Red woven scarf.. Done!

Posted By on October 18, 2015

So, i spent most of saturday weaving and finished the red scarf.  A warp thread broke, i rescued and repaired, it does show a bit and part of me is a lttile annoyed that it shows. It didnt fluff out quite as much as id have liked, byt it does look pretty good.

 It really could use a press under damp cloth to get rid of the wrinkles but


A new scarf

Posted By on October 15, 2015

So a friend liked my silver scarf and wants it and wants a red one.. So, here is the first three days work on it. If youve never done weaving warping a loom is a pain in the fluff long job. It looks easy, and while your at eyes can go a bit crossed at the reed and i think i have teo threads in one slot… So. It may have a slight flaw in it.. Sigh.. I tried so hard…….

The chosen yarn

Then here we go

So, here we see ive hemstitched and done some rows.  Im not beating it hard so it looks a bit thin atm, but im assured when washed it will sort itself out.


The rug

Posted By on October 11, 2015

So. The next project, an actual real think is I want to make a bit of a rug for next to my patio doors. It’s going to be a thin rug. Which isn’t really practical but for my current weaving skill. This is right up my street. 

I keep marginally changing my mind about what I should do. However. I’m going to make it as a plain weave thin rug. Maybe later I will make another and see it over the top to make it thicker. With a bit of a pattern to it. 

But. I’ve tried to quash the indecisiveness by measuring out my warp 


The proper loom

Posted By on October 11, 2015

I realise the posting of a warping board and some reeds probably didn’t make any sense. As I hadn’t mentioned looms yet. 
I originally bought the biggest Ashford knitters loom. I think it in some ways is probably well suited to my next actual project I know that in my head there are other things I want to make which a knitters loom makes complicated where my new loom makes ease. 

I bought a second (actually at least third) hand loom. Saved a fortune. 

This makes it look huge. It’s about 24″ max weaving width. 

The green and blue thing was what the nice lady (Pam from Spinning School ) taught me how to put the warp on and gave me the blue yarn to finish it. 

I drew what I had been doing in a weaving app so you have a better idea of what I was doing. 

Technically my first 

Posted By on October 11, 2015

Below is a grey scarf. What you can’t really tell is it has silver sparkles in it. Technically it is my first ever weaving project bar some pink crap small fluffy thing I made as a kid. 

It’s about 10″ wide I think it was it 9? Should have measures it to post right? And when it was on the loom it was about 80″ long.


Next question is. Who on earth do I give it to? 

It’s not wool. So it won’t be hugely warm. But the silver could look nice with a suit or posh dress. Neither of which you will catch me wearing in a hurry. 

Here it is in the making 

Edit: it is 9″ wide and now 78″ long. 

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