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new project – day 7

| November 22, 2012

This has gone real quick so far!

new project – day 6

| November 19, 2012

new project – day 4

| November 17, 2012

Ok. So the astute person will note I forgot to post yesterday. I got in around 2am so it wasn’t the first thing on my mind when I got home. Because its plain wool its going surprisingly well. As that’s only used 6 balls of wool so far, I think, I’m just started 7,8,9. Considering […]

new project. day 2

| November 11, 2012

Didn’t do so much to today, had other things to do sadly. Dogs to hug and walk. Things to wash and tidy, oh ok. I didn’t tidy.

new peoject. Day 1

| November 11, 2012

Started this new entrelac yesterday about 5pm, not bad for an evenings work I felt.

Tardis blanket number 2 – crochet done!

| July 25, 2012

I am so glad to say this. But the crochetting is finally done. I am annoyed with the obvious mistake. But. Its done. If anyone wants one. Please wait at least 6 items in before asking me to make another. Or I will burn it.

Tardis blanket update

| July 13, 2012

Following the debate over whether to unpick or not, I havent posted any updates, I have however been working on it.. Here was me, its 2.25am, and I was going to go to bed after taking a photo, to discover the stupid phone is out of juice so bad, even plugged in, the idea of […]

day 11 the second tunisian tardis blanket

| June 26, 2012

I don’t understand how the more I try the worse it gets. I’m constantly counting stitches and seemingly I lose them at every opportunity! More lost stitches. I almost feel like undoing right back to the first one and starting it all again. So its right. Because this is so wrong and I’m trying so […]

actual day 10 Tardis tunisian blanket

| June 24, 2012

Stupid moron. I wonder why I lose stitches. Seems I can’t count days either. Yesterday was day 9. I will correct it. Got up and noticed another joined stitch today. Seems the time space continium is bad in my house now and bubbles see forming hiding stitches from me

day 10 of the second tardis Tunisian blanket (err this is day 9!)

| June 23, 2012

Incredibly disappointed. Had to undo all of yesterdays. That’s the second day thrown away. As you can see last time I was a whole panel ahead of today. Fed up Corrected the day as it seems I can’t count to 10

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