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The Bavarian crochet lap blanket completed

| October 23, 2010

Well, its finished. Its 34” square, its not a great picture but To me, the “back” is actually nicer than the front, its pretty warm though so it will be good in winter. The person I was going to give it to, doesnt want it, and not because they dont like it – they didnt […]

Interesting crochet page

| October 13, 2010

Oh, quick post, heres some interesting links. Types of crochet

Bavarian Crochet – update

| October 13, 2010

Well, a quick update, its now 24″ square, so double the size it was, it chews through wool pretty quick, but it does make a nice thick blanket. I am however, beginning to dislike it, I wouldnt want one of my own. However, for someone else? Sure, if I do do another, I might try […]

Bavarian Crochet

| October 9, 2010

Firstly, do read that correctly unlike me who read it as Bovarian (as in cow) So, its not an easy to see picture, but, for scale, this is 12” square. The astute amongst you will see that its in short a catherine wheel stitch but joined with back posts – its fairly easy, I have […]

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