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Signed up for a magazine

| December 31, 2009

I subscribed to last year, it was a little disapointing but not hugely, so I have rescubscribed this year – although I swear Im missing an issue… Ive now also signed up for this – now this has potential to be darn expensive – if you read the small print – as it […]

The missing blanket

| December 29, 2009

I mentioned a blanket I made for a christmas pressie but forgot to post a pic.. So, here you go!

Jonathans Blanket

| December 29, 2009

OK, my deepest apologies for not posting the daily pics much over christmas. I did take them, so here they are There, the last one is as it was this morning .. sorry again

New blanket – Day 1

| December 23, 2009

So, I didnt announce whos blanket this was, but someone has correctly guessed by my hint that its a difficult colour to work with. In short, black is a cow to work with en mas. Hence, I chose with this to do 5×5 blocks so I can keep track and not lose stitches, it also […]

Davids Blanket – COMPLETED!

| December 18, 2009

I finished the crochet yesterday but sewed the ends and put the border (its just a securer layer of crochet round the edge) today. But, it is indeed complete!

Davids Blanket – Day 9

| December 16, 2009

This is what the blanket looked like this morning

Davids Blanket – Day 7 + Day 8

| December 15, 2009

Ok, Im sorry, Im such a slacker at posting these WIP pics up. Day 7 Day 8 This sees some eyes!

Davids Blanket – Day 5 + Day 6!!

| December 13, 2009

Above is Day 5 Below is Day 6 I forgot to post the pic for day 5 yesterday so hence have done it today.

Davids Blanket – Day 4

| December 10, 2009

Ok so this should have been posted this morning – I did at least take the picture then.. I confess I didnt make the progress today I hoped, but, hey, I still progressed some. Im technically over half way now.

Davids Blanket – Day 3

| December 9, 2009

Day 3, sees the end of the feet! Go me. No class tonight, so I wonder how far I can get today?

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