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A less successful experiment

| May 31, 2014

So, I bit some ryland fleeces from a guy at work, and while waiting for that black Marino to dry, I was not in my best wait for it to dry mood, so, I decided to try it in the grease. Eg, not washed first. As it turned out, this may not have been a […]


| May 30, 2014

So. They may seem a big naff, and one is marginally bigger than the other, although I’m sure a hit enough wash would fix it… Here is my first ever items knitted from me made wool. This was the first goal I set myself, as they don’t take a lot of wool to make and […]


| May 27, 2014

OMG how long can it take for a hank if yarn to dry, seriously, it’s not like I was putting it out in the rain! So, the bobbin of Ryeland fleece I got from ugh at work has grown while impatiently waiting, it’s growing well and even and might even produce a lace weight yarn, […]

Patience is a virtue

| May 25, 2014

Ever found in some situations you have the patience of job, and in others even seconds can seem too long, ok, maybe not seconds, but you find you have very little? For me, it seems waiting off stuff to dry is not something I have much patience for. Stupid hanks were washed yesterday evening squeezed […]

My first real wool

| May 24, 2014

So. I finally filled my third bobbin, and set about making a 3ply yarn. I suffered quite a few issue with the threads breaking, which was annoying, as it’s hard to evenly twist things when one goes ping and you can’t really unwind the other two cos they are fixed to the floor. My first […]

You spin me right round

| May 19, 2014

So, over the weekend I took the plunge and rather than put some stuff on bobbins ply it and marvel at how it didn’t go as far as I though, I decided to try filling the bobbins as much I could. I’ve been working short draw, eg you hold fluff in 1 hand and inch […]

Spinning lesson

| May 8, 2014

Today I had a spinning lesson in newent, run in a lovely wool shop called the wool garden. I need to assure you, that the principal of spinning as a concept is reasonably simple, take a few fibres and twist to make them stronger, constantly adding a fibre or two as they run out […]


| May 7, 2014

You know how we all love getting parcels in the post. Well. Ok, here you see 2 cones of cashmere 500g each. 10 balls of wool 200g of roving from the roving club I joined Some “angelina fibres” or sparklies to you and me, which you can mix in with stuff to add a bit […]


| May 7, 2014

OK Im a quarter of the way up, therefore, if Im going to do a centre peice I need to decide on it. NOW. I have recalculated the number of diamonds, and redrawn allowing for the fact each row was 2 rows, so this is demonstrated in the latest pic   So, this is what […]

Washing the black fleece

| May 5, 2014

So, as I mentioned to a few people the colour of the washing water was “dark coffee” I don’t think they really believed me, now, the following two pictures aren’t great quality, but one shows some what I thought was cleaner sections of the fleece and some I wasn’t ready to try yet. Mainly as […]

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