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Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 9

| December 2, 2010

Well, Ive completed the pattern, put a light border on it, may do a little more. Got ends to sew in, but in essence the major work is complete. So. What do you think? (Yeah sorry about the state of the room)

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 8

| December 1, 2010

Didnt get much done today, but.. (I only posted today as I forgot to press “go” yesterday, sigh..) As you can see Im at the tops of his ears, I have 8 rows to go I believe, then border and end sewings!

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 7

| November 28, 2010

So near, so far. 19 rows to go. Plus border, and end sewing.  Hate end sewing. Not the best photo, but Charlie insisted on holding the corner down. As you can see, just 2 ears to go!

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 6

| November 27, 2010

Well, next row sees start of his eye! Oh yes, doing well. 50 rows to go. Had to cut it short a bit today, throats very sore, so going to go to bed early.

Stephanie’s blanket–Day 5

| November 25, 2010

Here after known as Missing Stitches day Now, at the top of his arm pits, I have all the stiches, the 3 yellow segments are correct in width, as is the width of the black bits. By the first row of his chin, I am 2 stitches short in the yellow. First reaction – Ive […]

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 4

| November 24, 2010

So, by my count, I’m half way, I’ve done 105 rows! As you can see, getting there Time passed very quickly while working tonight, something to do with dog interruptions again I fear.

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 3

| November 23, 2010

Well, I confess no picture today, I only did 15 rows, so, barely worth the effort. Sorry. I may have miscounted the rows completed yesterday, I think I had done 81, not 51.. which would have placed me at 139 to go which looks right. I now have 125 to go. Serves me right for […]

Stephanie’s blanket–day 2

| November 21, 2010

Well, today I believe I have made it upto the 51st row, so that should be around 7752 stitches! It measures 21” now, about 1/3 the way up. I swear I did this most of the day, but there was 90 minutes off when my Dad rang, and then dog interruptions, various other things, so, […]

Stephanie’s Blanket–Day 1

| November 21, 2010

I heard a request for a blanket, so Stephanie, this is the diary of your blanket. Day 1, around 6 hours. May not look much yet, its about 9” long. 29 rows. Thats 4008 stitches! (let alone the few mistakes I had to unwind and go back and correct. sigh)

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