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Three simple actions make every stitch

Every stitch in crochet consists of some combination of a mere 3 actions.

  1. Shoving the stick (hook) in a hole
  2. wrapping the string (yarn or wool) round the stick,
  3. pulling the stick through 1 or more loops on the stick.

Seriously, for all the intricate and elaborate, or plain looking work there is, thats it. Seriously. 3 actions.

Sounds so simple doesnt it?

Well, really its not hard. But like most things, its still very possible to go wrong, but, its usually not too painful (unless a large number of rows/rounds in you discover you didnt start with the right number of stitches. thats about as painful as it gets)

Each stitch then works by using combinations of the 3 actions,

Single Crochet

a single crochet is, hook through hole,

yarn over,

pull through 2 loops


Repeating over a line it starts looking like this

No, I cant draw, so yes, I stole the pictures off another site (sorry!)

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