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The long draw day out

| August 30, 2014

Bob and I set off in paxo the car after a out 15 minutes naming the sat nav as a worthless sack of ….. Because it decided the road I wanted wasn’t in the town I’m assured it’s in. And resisted a postcode entry. Don’t worry it took me via every blasted roundabout it could. […]

Bob the wheels first plied bobbin

| August 29, 2014

Filled two small bobbins and plied to the jumbo for extra room

He arrived

| August 20, 2014

My new wheel arrived. He’s perfect. I had considered some names. But I can’t decide on a name. He comes from Seth Golding. He is hand made. He is indeed a thing of joy. A box of goodness. Unboxed and only a couple of steps took him to ready for action So. I grabbed my […]

Beekeeper quilt 2 first skein done

| August 19, 2014

So. Unless I didn’t count right I got 15 puffs from 50g of yarn. So with 19 skeins that’s 285 puffs?

First woollen finals

| August 19, 2014

Well. I wound it onto two bobbins. Plyed it up. Niddynoddy Ready to wash Washed and drying. Will say one thing woollen dries much faster than worsted

Andean plying goes wrong again

| August 17, 2014

So. Took ages winding it off bobbin round my hand but it hates me. Didn’t even get to really plying this time. A bit about 10″ long was all that would escape from the start and then it broke. Luckily I could squeeze my hand out so tomorrow when in less annoyance with it I […]

The other beekeeper quilt

| August 15, 2014

Yes. I’m making two. Mainly because I ordered yarn specifically to make this one and took advantage of some mini hanks, almost samples to make the other. Which I to intended to be smaller. This one I hope will be fairly big Same pattern slightly finer yarn so smaller needles but oddly these seem to […]

Spinning a woollen yarn

| August 15, 2014

So. The technique for spinning a woollen yarn is known as long draw. To the rest of the world it’s more like an act of god. Why? Worsted spinning you grab a handful of fluff and like inch it out one treddle at a time. This is short draw. Long draw you basically set your […]

Day 5 owlet hexapuffs

| August 8, 2014

So after a short break due to injuring a muscle in my arm. I completed the last of my current skeins for hexapuffs. Finally my box of hexapuffs as it stands

Day 4. Owlet hexapuffs

| August 4, 2014

A slightly more fruitful day. 4 more puffs for the collection.

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