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Scarfs to help some fluffs

| October 22, 2015

I made some wool earlier in the year and sold it to raise cash to help dogs. They are to be doing an auction soon and I thought I would try make some scarfs           I decided to pick very plain and simple colours that anyone could wear with anything. I decided going funky […]

Red woven scarf.. Done!

| October 18, 2015

So, i spent most of saturday weaving and finished the red scarf.  A warp thread broke, i rescued and repaired, it does show a bit and part of me is a lttile annoyed that it shows. It didnt fluff out quite as much as id have liked, byt it does look pretty good.  It really […]

A new scarf

| October 15, 2015

So a friend liked my silver scarf and wants it and wants a red one.. So, here is the first three days work on it. If youve never done weaving warping a loom is a pain in the fluff long job. It looks easy, and while your at eyes can go a bit crossed at […]

The rug

| October 11, 2015

So. The next project, an actual real think is I want to make a bit of a rug for next to my patio doors. It’s going to be a thin rug. Which isn’t really practical but for my current weaving skill. This is right up my street.  I keep marginally changing my mind about what […]

The proper loom

| October 11, 2015

I realise the posting of a warping board and some reeds probably didn’t make any sense. As I hadn’t mentioned looms yet.  Sorry  I originally bought the biggest Ashford knitters loom. I think it in some ways is probably well suited to my next actual project I know that in my head there are other […]

Technically my first 

| October 11, 2015

Below is a grey scarf. What you can’t really tell is it has silver sparkles in it. Technically it is my first ever weaving project bar some pink crap small fluffy thing I made as a kid.  It’s about 10″ wide I think it was it 9? Should have measures it to post right? And […]

New goodies

| October 10, 2015

So. To go with my proper loom I kinda had to face that some things had to change. Namely I now needed a warping board. Having tried to get a cheaper one. Damn shipping costs. I manned up and bought a set of reeds for my loom to make a complete set. A fringe maker […]

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