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another success

| August 24, 2013

The back still isn’t as desired but I’m sure that’s my fault not its. The black strippers are on their last legs. It looks like someone tried to build a house with them or something.

a proper pattern

| August 24, 2013

So. Having worked out I’m stupid at silly o’clock in the morning. Here is the first patterned bit I made. The two yarns were not equal sized but here you go. the back isn’t quite what I imagined in that it is sort of the same bit more striped. Still doesn’t look too bad For […]

an eventful day

| August 24, 2013

So. I got to work this morning and posted a bid on an item on eBay. It was almost too good to be true from the price. Only downside. It was a collect only item. From a rather non local place. But. For the price it would still be worth the trip. Although time would […]


| August 10, 2013

So. I finished and sewed together. Only the neck isn’t quite right. But otherwise. Not bad. What do you think?


| August 6, 2013

Nothing gives you a weight complex more than llpoking at a cardigan on a knitting machine. Ok. I could lose some pounds. But holy cow it looks huge. I know it shrinks in and stuff but but I have a sleeping bag that’s thinner than this! Its scared the whatsit out of me. How? It […]

Where have I been?

| August 2, 2013

Much as it is “holiday” time, sadly I cant report I have been to beaches and sat in the sun and gone a lovely shade of brown and so on.. No.. I bust my knee.. I apparently have a 3rd grade tare in something on the “dark side of my knee” eg the back which […]

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