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it was the wrong day to be thinking of fat jumpers

| July 7, 2013

It was seriously hot ana muggy. inside my house was over 28 and its not a lot less now at nearly midnight. There is little breeze. But I thought I didn’t do too bad. Its hard to see the 3 cables front and back I did consider doing them in a different colour I think […]

jumper begins

| July 7, 2013

Frankly this could be the beginnings of a huge disaster. Why? Well I’m not following *any* pattern. I took a bunch of measurements. I drew them down like a course explained. Although I still don’t really get arm holes. Its going to have 3 cables front ans back. The main one up the middle is […]

spot the pops

| July 4, 2013

Just about every swear word applies Spot the problem?

the shawl is done

| July 4, 2013

Yay. Finally. Ok so it hasn’t stretched with this yarn like the last did. Grr. however I know the second picture is hard to see being white on white but you can probably make it out. The pre picture is best. Oh and yes that is the patchwork quilt I made well one side of […]

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