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Granny Squares – update

| July 24, 2010

So, working on the next round of granny squares for my swirl. You know what? I flippin hate granny squares. I am so not enjoying this.Whats worse is I know deep down I should have made the squares smaller which almost certainly would have meant I would have hated it even more. I need to […]

Granny Square pics

| July 17, 2010

So here is a picture of the original granny square bit I made before I realised I would run out of blue Its about the size of a cushion – see I should have realised the size issue then shouldnt I? Heres the new squares Ive done laid out on the floor, as you can […]

Progress on the granny swirl (and more stuff)

| July 17, 2010

I’ve run into a stupid problem. Something which is entirely my own fault. I am incredibly stupid. What is it you ask? Its going to be the size of a football pitch at this rate. Each individual square I am making is around 4” square. Which at quick calculations at an 18 mini squares is […]

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