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Learning to Crochet

Learning to crochet is very dependant on you, in short, I would argue crochet is simple to learn, it maybe hard to master and perfect, but, the general basics is simple. You need a hook and something string/yarn/cotton like to work with.

If you can have the luxury of someone to learn from, grasp it with both hands, as they can help you with what may seem like stupid questions – there are no stupid questions of course, you just feel stupid for not knowing something that seems natural to someone else.

For those of us who have to learn by ourselves, there is much help out there. If you are left handed, never fear, while nearly everything shows for right handed people, ‘Im sure you’re perfectly used to adjusting, and there is no reason what-so-ever that you cant do this, its just you will need to do things slightly in reverse.

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First steps

Just remember, in many ways there is no right or wrong way to do various things, my only advice is, if you decide you are doing it wrong mid way through a project, keep doing it the same way for any 1 given peice of work, even if its made up of many peices sewn together, do the same for all of them.  For the most part, all crochet starts with tying a knot. The only work that can be argued is good not to are granny squares – as if you do what is known as the “Magic circle” you can tighten the centre for a better finish.

Crochet Books

I have a lot of crochet books read my book review Ive done a few, I have many more. So I will add to this as I get chance

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