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Jons blanket – crochet complete!

Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of updates along the way, however, by wee hours of sunday norning I had completed the crochet on Jons blanket. I had the border and end sewing todo. Well, I did the border, now I just got the ends to complete.. Hes how it came into being

So there you have it. Its about 5ft by 3.5ft.

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2 Responses to “Jons blanket – crochet complete!”

  1. Crochet Christy says:

    This and the other work you've shown is amazing. I wonder, do you create a chart before you begin, or do you have a pattern? Inspired by your work, I'd like to try to make an afghan with my boyfriend's band's logo, but thinking about how to begin has me stalled a bit.

    Very lovely work! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Charlie says:

    I use a cross stitch program to form a pattern, Ive 2 cross stitch programs, the one Id recommend is winstitch, and can be found on

    However, the reality is mspaint that comes with windows will do the job at a bare essentials, I even wrote an article on my myspace page which explained it, in short, every picture you see on your computer is represented in a number of pixels, what I do is work that 1 pixel is 1 stitch, so you can either draw, download and shrink/edit pictures or whatever and then work on them.

    If you'd like me to do a small tutorial on how to do it, I can post it on the core website ( as thats the whole point of the site to put things that are useful on there.

    If you want to check my myspace page its look through the blog which I used to use for my crochet blog there, and around august 2008 I went through how to use mspaint, and how to do the colour changes so they look smart – what Id suggest you do, is do something small like a heart on a 10×10 grid, so you can practice and see how it works out. has wonderful videos for how to do a variety of tunisian stitches if you arent sure how to.. Or, if you're on facebook/myspace etc find me, and I can give you my private email and we can talk as much crochet as you like 🙂

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