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Peteys Blanket–6th Jan

| January 6, 2011

So, Ive been a bit lazy, Ive been trying to work out what border to do, so far, it has a thin edge of black to give it strength, I may add to it a little yet, but. All the main crochet is done, I have a gazillion ends to sew in (of course, sigh) […]

Petey’s Blanket as of 1st Jan 2011

| January 2, 2011

So, I didnt post yesterdays, well if you wish to imagine, I was half way through the union jack. So. Here it is as of midnight 2nd Jan, eg I took the photo like 1ms before midnight. I didnt trim this photo, it helps you with scale, theres Charlie posing in top left, a dog […]

Petey’s Blanket as of 29th Dec

| December 30, 2010

Didnt get much done at all yesterday, sorry. But, heres an updated picture. Oh and I apologise, Maddie helped me spill some tea on it, so it needs a wash now too.. Now I get to start the complex bit, so this could go slowly.

Petey’s Blanket–28th Dec

| December 29, 2010

So, I’ve lost count how many days this is, coz I cant remember which days I did work and which days I didnt. Sigh. But, hes grown a fair bit today! Laying him out flat with dogs sleeping was hard, so he doesnt look too straight, but I promise he is.

Petey’s Blanket–as of 27th Dec

| December 28, 2010

OK, so its 2am I should be in bed, and asleep and all that. But, you know what, annoyingly Im wide awake unlike earlier, around late afternoon when I was pooped and I swear fell asleep.

Petey’s Blanket–post Boxing Day

| December 27, 2010

So, heres how it looks following the evenings work, was watching unfestive films, or rather not watching, they were on, I couldnt even tell you what I watched! So, Ive had a couple of guesses, Spongebob and Pooh. One is closer to the truth than the other, but not by much! So, the guessing continues. […]

Petey’s Blanket, following Christmas Day

| December 26, 2010

So, its grown a bit more, wonder if anyone else has a guess yet.

Peteys Blanket–Day 3

| December 24, 2010

It might be day 4 to be fair. But this is how it looks after a good chunk of yesterday. So far, I’ve seen one guess of sponge bob square pants. Nope, no its not sponge bob. I may not be able to do much to it today, but tomorrow is likely, and I will […]

Petey blanket–Day 2

| December 22, 2010

Ok, so I didnt post day 1.. did you really want to see a strip of white? no, no that would be rediculously dull. This blanket is about 58.5” wide, and currently about 11.5” tall. Petey asked for it to be the size of a sheet.. well, a sheet is of course subjective, is that […]

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