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Hat update

| January 26, 2014

Getting to the top of the hat now. I do like the yarn. I think by choice I would want to do this hat with say this colour and black, like those old wax crayon drawings you used to get where you did loads of colour, then obliterated it with black and the scratched out […]

Knit Companion

| January 24, 2014

Ok, a few of you wow I dirtied my soul and got an ipad a while back, because, of 1 thing in the end… An app called knit companion. Singularly the greatest thing to happen to knitting patterns. So,today the best news I’ve heard is Help bring knit companion to android! So, every dollar counts… […]

Fair isle hat grows

| January 23, 2014

I’m really enjoying this hat, my yarn guide I got is helping to agitate the yarn less too. It’s much faster with the yarn guide as I don’t need to rely on my fingers or use both hands to stop the yarns twisting. Yarn guide Hat status I also saw this kit and felt I […]

The hat intermission

| January 19, 2014

I thought I would show you the fair isle hat I started this weekend, the pattern is a free one and the yarn is mini mochi, it’s really soft, I would love to use it with a solid colour or in an entrelac, I think it would be excellent for that with it’s long gentle […]

Back on the blanket!

| January 15, 2014

A couple of people have asked me about my blanket this week, and I didn’t say but I suddenly realised we are half way through January and I’m not sure I had added a single stitch to it this year. So, the plans of this evening took many routes, including sorting through my knitting needles […]

My first published pattern!

| January 5, 2014

So. I completed the mistery object, and have published the pattern. You can find it on Ravelry Griffindor bookmark¬†for the outrageous price of.. 50p   Now to sit down and make a friend for it! As I know two little people who would like one.

Testing my first pattern to publish!

| January 4, 2014

Yep, one of you out there knows what this is, please don’t tell, even if you think you’ve guessed. I intend to publish this as my first ever published pattern! So. I’ve designed, I’m knitting it up so I can put a nice picture of it with the pattern.. Go me

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