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How I did that (part 1)

First things first. I generally use a 6-8mm hook for my Tunisian blankets, your tension, hook and wool size will make a difference. I also use UK double knit wool from Robin – this is approximately worsted weight US. For the most part, Tunisian stitches are almost square, if you choose to use double crochet (US, treble UK) then they are taller, again you may need to take this into account.


First things first – given my above comments blanket size approximations:

King size





200 x 250




Now, the sizes are approximate, why? Well, again if you use a smaller hook or bigger hook, so, this also depends, blankets can be bigger obviously, but you wouldn’t want smaller. This is important when selecting your pattern.

Now, there are a number of ways to get your pattern. To me, I like Celtic style designs, or, geometric type designs, with repetition. However, they often wont feel as personal to your recipient as either a logo or picture.

What makes a picture/logo easy/hard is how many colour changes per row you are going to have, eg how many different chunks of wool you will have on the go at any one time, and of course have the ends to sew in after – end sewing is a pet hate of mine.

When I first started I carried colours behind the pattern if it was a short distance, I have changed from this view, it is easier on you as the crochetter, but, you look back and will be disappointed with yourself for cheating really, even if its only carried 1 or 2 stitches, in the end, you will find yourself much prouder if you use a new chunk of wool for each colour patch. It does look so much neater, although obviously more ends.

Picking a picture

So, if your picture requires many colours and many colour changes – I’m sure it will look fabulous, but, you may get frustrated with yourself and it along the way. Cartoon style pictures are often a good place to look, so if for example someone wanted a dragon, sure, but try and do one that’s made of 2-3 colours  not 200 while it may look more “real” you will curse the ends and colour swappings, and of course, will be more likely to make a mistake.

Majorly difficult Nice and simple
dragon dragon_cartoon_vector_free

If you can find a picture with an approximate size you want to make, much easier, if not, you will need to resize it, and some pictures can look funny resized – so the nearer to your desired size you can find, the better. Most important, if you cant find a picture the right size, bigger is better, than smaller.

I get most of my pictures from why make life hard if someone has already made what you want for you?

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