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Evil twin blanket core complete!

| January 18, 2009

I should do a bit of a border on it. but The main part of the blanket is complete – bar the sewing of ends, which Im doing now!

The evil twin update

| January 10, 2009

So, the evil twin blanket continues! Im kinda half wayish through now, well, about 2 rows over half way. So, I thought a bigger picture was in order, although to be honest until I draw the lines on after its not going to look excellent, the diamonds and the linking bits are too similar in […]

Work continues

| January 4, 2009

As you can see Ive done a bit more, not likely to see much tomorrow, maybe tuesday, but back to the job wednesday thats for sure. What do you think of it so far?

A bit more to see now!

| January 3, 2009

So, as you can see theres a bit more to see now, and hopefully you can see the pattern showing through now. I stuffed up a bit, the pink areas were supposed to be textured / sigh, and I think I maybe out with the pattern in the new textured white areas forming top to […]

Slowly slowly..

| January 2, 2009

Due to needing to order the yarn for my Dads blanket, I thought Id make one just like it out of colours I already have. So, Ive spent a few hours on this now and.. Its not a great photo, had issues getting it lit well enough, blubs gone in my light and the shops […]

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