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Happy Christmas!!

| December 25, 2006

Happy celebrations to one and all

Dispelling the first two myths about crochetting.

| December 2, 2006

The first myth to dispel is that you can make stuff other than doiliesThe second is that there is something out there than granny squares (Dont know what they are? they are those squares you see on 70s stuff..) Crochet does not have to look like something your gran did before your mother was born, […]

In the beginning

| December 2, 2006

Everyone starts crochet, and next to nobody does anything other than make a huge mess and wonder how its done. The sad truth is very quickly you realise its not necessarily hard its just concentration that divides success from disaster. Anything complicated in crochet is made of one of the simple stitches. Its a little […]

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