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Granny Squares

| June 21, 2010

Normally, Im the first person to say I hate granny squares, but, I have a cunning plan so am I working on a number of granny squares which will be sewn together to form a nice big blanket – Ive seen a few ways to join them together that seemed fairly striking so, I’ll see […]

Working on this blog

| June 10, 2010

So, I have mentioned the “How I did that” section, Im working on it, but I want to mention most some software I use to do what I do. Im working on part 4 of the how I did that where I talk about them, but, I use a cross stitch program, sound daft? Well, […]

New section

| June 8, 2010

For those who visit the site rather than read the blog you may have noticed ive been posting some pages on “How I did that” as to how I make my patterns and so on. Take a look, drop me a note on what you think, and things you want me to add!

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