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Cotswold leaves day 2

| May 27, 2013

Well its certainly grown. Maybe not as much as I would like but do remember it grows by 4 stitches every other row and so it has many stitches now. To the point I can’t even stretch it out now because the circular needle isn’t long enough. But is plenty long enough to knit with […]

Cotswold leaves shawl

| May 25, 2013

Yes. Ok so I’m really getting into this knitting lark. So manned up and got some lace weight wool and holy cow is this stuff soft! So. I started this this morning. I’ve had a few moments when I thought it was going wrong. But I think it looks rather nice!

moments before frogging

| May 20, 2013

Tthought I would show you a little more what it looked like before I banish it from the world

one to frog

| May 20, 2013

So. This was a free designed one. I wanted to have a fairly solid pattern however I’ve stuffed up one of the corners so its gonna be frogged and the 4 hole motif I made looks more like a mistake than anything else. I wanted to make a fairly large square shawl type thing. I […]

knitted lace shawl finished

| May 18, 2013

It 2.45am and I’m yawning like a stupid thing but I was determined to finish. As tomorrow my new wool should come. Sadly, my blocking wires are on back order so I can’t block it yet.

Blocking wires

| May 12, 2013

If you’re a crafter like me you love making stuff, but, perhaps also like me, you love the thrill of designing or picking a pattern and the wool.. less so sewing in ends and then wash and block?? pfft.. why do you think I make blankets?? So. I thought its about time this changed. Thanks […]

the other shawl

| May 12, 2013

The craftsy class I’m doing has 2 shawls in it. This is the second one and boy is this so much easier! Just a shame the yarn I had is making it look pants

nearly there0

| May 11, 2013

Well. Slowly but surely. Must have spent nearly 3 hours trying to work out why one bit didn’t add up right. But I’m nearly done. 3 rows of a stitch I don’t like and the edge and its over!

the shawl grows

| May 9, 2013

Getting there! I had to extend my circular needles to spread it out better. I don’t think this circular one is ideal for me. I think I will do better with the triangle one in terms of stitches. We shall see.

A serious promotion goes to …

| May 9, 2013

Now, I’ve always been honest amount my views, a large number of the crochet books I bought were tat and probably best used as fire kindling to be honest, and recently having gotten into knitting (I so need to wash my mouth with soap) I bought some knitting needle, the addi click short lace ones […]

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