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Signed up for a magazine

I subscribed to last year, it was a little disapointing but not hugely, so I have rescubscribed this year – although I swear Im missing an issue…

Ive now also signed up for this – now this has potential to be darn expensive – if you read the small print – as it basically says each month they will send you 4 things at 2.99 each, however, with that much coming out Im hoping for some more stitch insight.

Yes, I am looking forward to the free gifts! I bet they are a bit small for some of the things I do, as even the simple one Im doing right now was over 20 balls of wool on the go, but much as I could probably make most of their throw blanket without the tutorials (not wishing to blow my own trumpet) I hope to pick up some new stitches and ideas, and I hope from the ads I saw that the cover more than just standard crochet, but also do fillet and tunisian crochet plus, I can show off some of the things Ive made on their website – this kinda appeals to me as I have a backlog of blankets planned for the coming year – Ive already warned my wool supplier that I want a new colour card as the last ones out of date and I intend to be ordering a LOT of wool. Last order was 1500 balls of wool, this is gonna be more – especially as I no longer have a husband to whine about how much wool I have (Although if he could kindly get his stuff out my “Wool” room I would appreciate it..)

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