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Ok so, lots of posts to happen today. This is the first

I was pleased when my nice Mr postman handed me a parcel and without any inspection I knew what it was.


After all, that’s fairly distinctive huh. It was my July Knitcrate parcel. Now I opted for the indie parcel with int/adv add on. What does that mean well. They have a bunch and if you add on others you get the yarn patterns etc of the other crate without dups of the goodies. So I got 2 lots of yarn and patterns in mine


So what can you see? Here’s a link to the Indy crate and the int/adv crate

They do a number of crates take a look. Knitcrate

I also ordered some silverspun yarn which has silver in it so you can use touch sensitive devices it’s awesomely soft. I expected the silver to scratch. But not only is it super soft it actually works on my phone and iPad

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