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Tardis blanket number 2 – crochet done!

I am so glad to say this. But the crochetting is finally done. I am annoyed with the obvious mistake. But. Its done. If anyone wants one. Please wait at least 6 items in before asking me to make another. Or I will burn it.

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2 Responses to “Tardis blanket number 2 – crochet done!”

  1. Katie Shoots says:

    Hello Liz,

    I’ve been looking for a pattern for a Tardis blanket for quite a while now, and I happened upon a picture of your completed Tardis 2 blanket. It is absolutely wonderful. As I was perusing your blog I found equally wonderful projects, but I could not find the pattern you used for your Tardis blanket. Is there any possible way that you could make the pattern available? I would understand if you would want to charge for the pattern, it is a delightful piece. Rest assure that I’m would use this pattern only for personal use, and not for commercial gain.

    Best of luck with your future projects,

    Katie Shoots

    PS. I could not find the proper way to contact you through your blog, via email, so I hope this message finds you.

  2. Liz says:

    Right now, I dont intend to sell this pattern, however, if you take a look at my how I learnt to crochet section I do cover how to make the pattern for yourself.

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