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So. I have to say. I didn’t do the pattern I was trying to do. It sounded simple on paper. But this wasn’t it. I can however see roughly where I went wrong. It was supposed to be a zigzag, this is actually a variant on one called bargello, eg, I got it wrong. Will have to practice.

I attach the front and back pictures as taken with my phone. It looks ok. I may do a blanket in one of the more interesting patterns assuming I can get the hang of the pattern

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  1. Oh, Liz, this would have been great. I have a couple of books on this and in my books it is called mosaic crochet, at least it looks like the same thing. The directions on my patterns were long and I kept losing my place so I graphed it out and it went real fast. I did an afghan (check my afghan photos for Home on the Range) and also made a scarf for the Special Olympics. Anyway a graph might help. Love these colors, so bright! =)

  2. Liz Kimber says:

    I have the mosaic book too. This is different. As for the colours it was just 2 balls of wool I had remains from after the last blanket. I have actually frogged it and am now going to try and get it right.

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