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First pic.

Well, this time last week, my blanket didnt look much different, in fact, arguably I would have to do a lot to explain just how undifferent it is, but in short, the stitch I missed was gone  back to and found. The pale joiners are now 2 stitches wider, and so now add up. Sad part is, if I hadnt lost that stitch a while back Id only have had to go back 2 rows..

For those astute, yes this is the same pattern as the one I did for me before, but this time the diamonds are the darker brown not gold and the “background” is all the pale brown, oh and technically each of those diamonds forming the bigger diamond is 1 bigger, it was a 6×6 now its 7×7. As its done on slightly smaller hook, the blankets no bigger but, it is slightly thicker.

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2 Responses to “First pic.”

  1. Ambar says:

    Hi! It’s so lovely! Is this crocheted? Tunisian? 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Yes it is. It looks far more complicated than it is really – the only really complicated part in my thought was stopping all the wool tangling whille I did it 🙂

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