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Tamzins blanket day 10

| September 30, 2012

Just over half way! Tonight I had a bit of a furry helper as shown but its over half way. I am thinking now I should have enough wool. hopefully!

Tamzins blanket day 9

| September 25, 2012

Not much done today. It is a slow progress thing but all the same I wish it looked bigger the end of each day

Tamzins blanket days 7 and 8

| September 23, 2012

So annoyed. I was counting rows as the pattern said finish at nearest whole of the 6 row pattern to 19″ next thing I knew it was was top long and I had to roll back 6 rows. But I’m on to the middle panel now. Still convinced I won’t have enough wool. But I […]

Tamzins blanket day 6

| September 19, 2012

Haven’t managed to do much sofar this week. 🙁

Tamzins blanket day 5

| September 16, 2012

Didn’t grow much today. Sorry

Tamzins blanket day 4

| September 15, 2012

Wow. Looks like a black ball of wool does about 8 inches. Hope I have enough. Its now about 17 inches tall.

A relevant funny!

| September 13, 2012

For those of you who live with a crochetter, or know one.. Much can be learned. Thanks to the lovely people at gocomics see the comic

Tamzins blanket day 3

| September 12, 2012

On international crochet day. Here’s how the blanket looks now.

International Crochet Day!

| September 12, 2012

Now, I know you know I dont need an excuse but.   Today is apparently international crochet day. So, Have you ever tried? No? Then I recommend today you have a go. Grab a stick (hook) and some string (yarn) and have a go, what if you found like me this is something you wish […]

Tamzins blanket day 2

| September 9, 2012

Ok. Today I did you a picture showing the front and the back. The front is the bit with the small squares and the horizontal lines. I only managed 6 rows! I did say this maybe a slow grower right? I had to undo a bit as its hard to place rows on this because […]

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