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Day 2!

| April 30, 2008

Well its now 9″ long, and Im on the second ball of wool.. A little disapointing, but we did have to go out tonight. I would do a picture, but its late. You’ll just have to believe me.

End of day 1

| April 29, 2008

So.. Im annoyed with myself for I have merged a stitch already 🙁 but, Im sure I’ll be forgiven. Im actually a bit concerned I may not have ordered enough wool! 40 balls sounds loads, but, to be honest.. Ive nearly finished one, and its what 5″? lets be kind and say I get 6″ […]

The blog begins!!

| April 29, 2008

Wool arrived today for my next project, Ive been eagerly awaiting it, I ordered it on the 19th.. (its the blue wool in the pack)… Im dead exceited, its felt like a long wait, with no real purpose since I worked out what I wanted and put the order in, its like anything you wait […]

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