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Stuarts scarf

| March 2, 2013

OK. This is basically finished now. But to give a better view of what it looks like. It needs blocking as its curled at the edges. So. The ends are tunisian rib. with a cable in the middle of modified simple stitch. With a purl either side of the cable

Stuarts star finished

| September 8, 2012

I meant to post this friday. Stuarts star finished friday afternoon. Hope he likes it.

stuarts blanket day 6 i think

| September 5, 2012

Its beginning to take a long long time to go round. Heck he last round of blue the 6 rows was a ball of wool. Its now 161 stitches per point. Well thankfully only 2 and a bit more rounds to go. Then someone can have his new blanket. Hope he likes it

Stuarts blanket day 4

| September 2, 2012

I should have taken this photo yesterday. This is the blanket end of Saturday. Didn’t do any today. Bad me. It seems I need 1 more wide and short band and then I’m done!

Stuart’s star – how its made

| August 31, 2012

Following the post on how Im going to be making Tamzin’s blanket, I thought I’d also show you how/where I found to make Stuart’s star.  I found these great instructions from Mikey..

Stuart’s star day 2

| August 30, 2012

Day 2. Another 5 hours and sorry mikey but its still not big enough for a baby!

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