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Second spinolution bobbin

firstly, i need to say i think i talked absolute crap when i measured the yards on the first bobbin.

I made 4 groups of 40 wraps, and one of 33.5, which is 193.5 wraps, each wrap is supposed to be 2 yards, so thats 387

How did i get to 793? Well i think i doubled some bits twice, such as counted the groups of 40 as 80s and then still doubled it

I am actually disapointed, i had thought the yarn was about a dk weight.  Clearly not. 

Anyway.. Today sees me finishing a second  bobbin.  Its taken me all week mind.
So, this bobbins worth is over 10oz. Its 315g

It was 13×20 wraps plus 12.25 so thats 273.25, wraps at 2yds so thats 546.5 yds

Over 10oz! Thats a lot of yarn

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