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The long draw day out

Bob and I set off in paxo the car after a out 15 minutes naming the sat nav as a worthless sack of ….. Because it decided the road I wanted wasn’t in the town I’m assured it’s in. And resisted a postcode entry.

Don’t worry it took me via every blasted roundabout it could. Given it was just short of 100 miles to my destination. The longest gap between roundabouts was 15 miles. Then 9, all the rest were less than 5 I think 3. Yes. There were a plethora of stinking roundabouts.

Finally. Got there. Spent a lovely time with Pam Austin who true to her word taught me to long spin and make it feel like I really knew what I was doing.

I’m so humbled by how well she teaches and makes it all so laid back and easy.


So. Ideas in hand along with a magazine and booklet she has written explaining what she went through today. For all of us who get home and swear we are doing what we did before but now it’s not working.

The drive home had very few roundabouts. I think 4. Sat nav got really frustrated. But look how good paxo did.


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