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He arrived

My new wheel arrived. He’s perfect. I had considered some names. But I can’t decide on a name.

He comes from Seth Golding. He is hand made. He is indeed a thing of joy.

A box of goodness.


Unboxed and only a couple of steps took him to ready for action


So. I grabbed my nearest fibre and had a play.

Lowest ratio. A mid ratio and a high ratio. I think highest is scary I did quickly try it and undid the spin as well it was faster than I expected or rather faster than I moved.


For size they are about 5″ long.

So. Ideas for names?

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4 Responses to “He arrived”

  1. Rachel Berry says:

    I recently purchased my first Golding spindle which is fantastic and included in the package was a leaflet for their wheels. I’m curious to know how expensive it was to ship here to the UK and if you had any problems?
    Rachel – The Deerfold Spinner

  2. Liz says:

    I think the shipping was $125, the killer is usually the import tax, but it wasnt as much as I expected eg I expected 20% like you get on yarn, needles/hooks. If I had the money I would happily order a custom non travel wheel from them. But I certainly dont need one. Despite what looks to be such a tiny drive wheel, you wouldnt notice to use. Hes gained his name Bob, and Bob is an absolute joy to work with, best thing Ive bought in years

  3. Rachel Berry says:

    Thanks for your reply to my comment. It’s nice to know what wheels etc. are like before you buy as they may not be as expected! Hope you have many happy hours together with Bob!

  4. Liz says:

    Bob still is the greatest.

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