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moonstone scarf day 2

Day 2. Well. evening more than day. And by the time I walked dogs. Fed dogs. Fed me. There wasn’t that much of evening left. But still.

The quilting part isn’t quite right somehow I’m not ending up with the nice definition Lucy Neatby gets. Although there is a hint of it. Its also easy to remember just to do the funny stitch when you’re changing a stitch from say white to colourf that you twist it so still use the white stitch for white and coloured for coloured.

I really really really want to make a massive blanket out of this. Maybe with a slight variation for a centre piece. I’m really liking these colours too.

I’m think I need a hat and mitts to go with. As well as that massive blanket…

Will have to order more yarn from red heart 🙂 shame.

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