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Cotswold leaves shawl

Yes. Ok so I’m really getting into this knitting lark.

So manned up and got some lace weight wool and holy cow is this stuff soft!

So. I started this this morning. I’ve had a few moments when I thought it was going wrong. But I think it looks rather nice!

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4 Responses to “Cotswold leaves shawl”

  1. Kathleen says:


    I also think the pattern looks very nice.

    I am knitting this shawl, working for the first time from a chart. I have reached row 57 and the pattern says,

    “repeat rows 43-56 of chart A a further 6 times, each time introducing one extra repetition of the yelloe 14 stitch repeat on the chart (283 stitches)

    IMaybe I am totally stupid but I cannot understand where in the row I should incorporate this repetition. I wonder if you can clarify this for me.

  2. Liz says:

    Aha. I pondered this and then it made sense and I felt stupid. So. You are not alone.

    If you think of the pattern you are making interleaving leaves. Which grow by one leaf per iteration.

    So. This is in effect what that pattern is saying. The yellow bit is 1 pattern leaf. You need to do say 4 hr first of that repeat. Then 5 the next. Etc.

    Does that help?

  3. Kathleen says:

    Hello again,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I must be particularly thickor I put it down to taking diazepam for a back conditiion. I sort of understand what you are saying but what do you mean when you say,

    “You need to do say 4 hr first of that repeat. Then 5 the next. “, and where in the row do you do the repeats?

    Sorry for being a pest.

    Thanks .

  4. Liz says:

    Oh mrs, you so arent a pest 🙂

    OK.. I should point out logic and maths are my fave things in the world of academia… so, to me this is so me.. problem is like everything someone finds obvious and simple it can be hard when someone else doesnt – but I also get that, cos I know theres been so many times in my life its been me sitting there going nope, brain saying nope dont get that..

    ok I stole this picture but

    so on the first row there is 1 (pretend circles are leafs ok?)
    on the next row there are 2
    on the 3rd row there are 4.

    these rows are the iterations of your pattern repeat cos it makes 1 whole leaf.

    While I dont have the pattern to hand which is awkward, as I recall you have something like an edge bit, some padding to pad out to where the next leaf is, then a leaf which is repeated, and then the padding and then the edge.

    What the pattern is saying is that you need to get into the swing of it, which isnt easy, but as you work up the shawl you start off making leaves, and so your rows have a number of leaves and its that middle section with leaves in that you are adding a leaf each repeat. because by finishing the last repeat you’ve made the space at the edges.

    so like in my triangle above after the 3rd row you have say [edge] Leaf here [edge]
    on the 4th row you would repeat the leaf, so now you get [edge] leaf here, leaf here [edge]

    does that help? if not my very unartistic cant draw stick man thing will try drawing leaves and a fake pattern.. cos I really dont have it to hand

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