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Cracked it!!!!

Ok. My one wish about entrelac was that I wanted it to end up looking woven. That basket weave effect. But as you may have seen in previous pictures normal tunisian entrelac works that there are 4 triangles pointing to the middle and any square you are working on in the given triangle all go in the same direction. Well. This doesn’t.

Its a bit more cumbersome as you have to join on the right and the singularly most important thing is. If you look where my hook is. Temptation says work up on that second square from the right in the correct direction.

Whatever you do. Above anything else. Do not do this. you must end a round on a going up square. Therefore the first square has to go from right to left. If you slipstitch to avoid ends across you can then start from the 3rd square from the right and work round and it all joins up.

I’m really elated. There seem to be no instructions for this on the internet anywhere. All show slightly simpler one which makes the triangles.

I’m so looking forward to making my first entrelac that’s done like this as I believe it will really combat any stretching issues

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2 Responses to “Cracked it!!!!”

  1. Kelli says:

    That is awesome..I am left handed and the entrelac has been hard for me to accomplish in any fashion

  2. Liz says:

    Hmm, the entrelac theory shouldnt be any harder with your left hand – while Im right handed, I can work with my left you would work clockwise not counter clockwise, but, other than that it should work out easy enough, just that nearly all examples are for us right handers..

    The normal entrelac which doesnt have the fussing should be very easy, what problems did you have when you tried? I can try help

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