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Petey’s Blanket as of 1st Jan 2011

So, I didnt post yesterdays, well if you wish to imagine, I was half way through the union jack. So. Here it is as of midnight 2nd Jan, eg I took the photo like 1ms before midnight.


I didnt trim this photo, it helps you with scale, theres Charlie posing in top left, a dog chew, my hook and of course a PC.. so, yep, its not a small lap blanket, now you have some idea of size. Its on par with my rug I note, so, if you can be bothered to find the rug on homebase’s website, you might have an idea of how big it is.  I have a little more of his helmet to do and then a big bunch of white to finish.. Followed by my most cherished part, the sewing of ends (urgh) and of course a border. I suck at borders, I never know what to do. I think Ive only done 1 border I would say I was proud of.

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