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Holy crapoly!

So. Now ive gotten over the shock.

I took up spinning just over a year ago. It doesnt seem that short, but it is indeed just a year. My crafty friends will know that any new craft no matter how pleased you are with the result.. The rest of the world may not be ready for your offerings.
I got my first wheel april last year. 
Now, i have a bag, a bag i term my museum of spinnings made. In it are many skeins/hanks of yarn, most of which are perfectly good usable yarns, but usually only a single thing of something, often not even a big one at that.
Earlier this year my friends you will recall i decided to try and dye some yarn. I bought a cheap wool fibre, and spin up a couple of hanks, dyed them, spun another, dyed that.. Then proceeded to spin up some more.  
Then a rather good lady who does mucho good work for dogs in need put up an auction for things to raise money to help her do her good work.
I had been toying with knitting up the non purple ones into a jumper or cardigan, but i saw the auction and posed the would anyone be interested.. The answer from one lady was yes!
So, i spun up the rest of my kilo of fluff. I made all in all 15 hanks of yarn, 12 are un dyed. 
Im so pleased to say, that my hanks in batches of 3 were put up for auction and .. They sold! Even the purple ones.
So, why am i so surprised? Well, this is the first big amount of spinning ive done, im pleased with the fact they are as consistent was i feel you can expect without 35 years of experience or machinery doing it for you can do, sure, they arent perfect but, someone bought all my yarn!
There are many people who have helped me and put up with me on my yarn ramblings .. 

This photo was taken before i finished spinning the last of the undyed hanks, but, here you go.. 

I hope the doggies get what they need and im so glad to have been able to use something i enjoy to help them 

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