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Its a purple!

Much as I love spinning and yarns of pretty colours, I distinctly lack confidence in dying pretty yarns and more so, being sure I would get what i wanted.

This isnt exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a colour, any colour, with subtle darker and lighter waves to it, now, the crap knows how many things I have read and watched on how to dye, firstly the whole “kettle dye” which is kind of what Im after seems incredibly hit and miss. I do not want to nuke things in the microwave, I do not have helper, heck, I cant even get my ipad to type the letters I want, because the keys arent standard size.  I most certainly dont have an entire garage or room I can devote to  the idea of dyeing yarns.  I did buy two large pots, for cleaning and other fleece type related activities.

Now, because of the colour it is, this photo actually doesnt do it justice at all. In any photo i have taken ove it it either looks redder or bluer than it is, or more uneven .. For the most part its cadburys purple..

I dont like purple… So the question is, what do i do with around 160g of purple?

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