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We 3 bobbins

The more I look at that lace weight crimpy yarn, the more I like it

Anyway, over the last couple of days due to work and migraines I spun up some fibre I got in a kit from craftsy which us offered as an extra to their spindling class. I wanted the bottom whorl spindle, and the fibre to go with is always welcome.

After plenty of consideration, such as to how I was going to spin it and get what I would want, I chose to simply spin each of the 3 fibres onto 3 bobbins.

This gives me many options

1 ply all 3 together to make a like 3 shade yarn
2 Navajo ply each in turn making a semi gradient yarn
3 make other singles from something else to add to the mix above, such as black zwortables or white Marino and extend the first 2 option, or make 3 lots of 2 ply etc

At the moment and my original plan was the 3 ply, if it seems a bit thin or looks funky I can always undo and try something else.


What do you think?

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