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Patience is a virtue

Ever found in some situations you have the patience of job, and in others even seconds can seem too long, ok, maybe not seconds, but you find you have very little?

For me, it seems waiting off stuff to dry is not something I have much patience for.


Stupid hanks were washed yesterday evening squeezed as much as I could, did this kinda ping things where you put it over your fingers on each hand and snap it out to release water a big more.. This moring I hoped it would be dry… Nope the bottoms were sopping wet.. Grr.. Opened doors to garden left in breeze (well as much as it could get) and sunlight for well a few seconds anyway that were possible this afternoon…

Is it dry yet? No.


So, in my impatience I decided to try the fleece I got from a guy at work. I didn’t wash it, drying would be frustrating as well as I wasn’t sure how well it would wash so was just trying it, as is, well after carding anyway, so.. How did that go? Well, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

For scale, the bobbin is 11cm long…


Initially I just carded it, but was finding odd lumps, so, I took to giving it a quick comb with the dog comb and voila, way way way less lumps and… I seem to be managing a lovely even fine thread. The plan is to make a bobbin ful and try what’s called Navajo plying which you basically make a loop and pull the single through and ply, and keep going till you run out.. I have no idea how it’s really going to turn out, so, I will decide when I’m done.

Oh, and because it’s fresh from the sheep, I will, sigh, need to wash it after.

I will say one thing for it, holding a small bunch of it in my hand makes my hand lovely and hot! So, I can imagine really taking to this fleece and wanting to make a jumper or cardigan out of it.

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