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Having been away from my blanket knitting, it’s hard to get back into a routine where it’d an hour plus per row, that’s without furry interruptions, drinking tea or bio breaks.. So frankly it’s hard to do for a long period of time, and almost like any exercise when you’ve had a break from it, it’s hard to get going.

Someone on reddit and I were talking of fingerless mitts.. And being me the ever cold, I thought, well DUH make some for work! As my hands do get cold, but I need my fingers to type with, and sure I could do fingerless gloves but there’s so much extra work. So, I made this this morning, and about. Third of the other this evening.

In essense it’s a tube with a hole for the thumb. Nothing more complex than that. The palm side is stockinette, I thought a cable on the back would make it more interesting to look at.



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