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So, I’ve been vaguely working on this jumper a week. I say that because while I’ve done some most evenings, it’s not like I did from 5pm till 11pm every day or even like today, I probably only did 3 hours.. But


It’s not the best photo, but, here you can see the back I started is done and I’m working on the front. The cables don’t show up too well in this picture, but it’s an interesting pattern although in hind sight I would make 1 change and have a purl stitch before and after the outer cables to give them more definition… I did ponder at the start, but went with, pattern knows best.

The center cable is a 38 row repeat with the side cables being a 6 row repeat. Personally I would have found a way to make them tally up to make it much easier on the knitter.

I hope trev likes it.. He wasn’t filling me with enthusiasm earlier

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