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Hat is done!!

I am so relieved to say the hat is done. I really enjoyed it till the decreases, when because it was an 8 stitch repeat pattern split into 14 stitch blocks, I had to sit down and draw them out so I could just religiously follow without counting.

Blocking it has proved harder than expected, mainly because I didn’t have anything head shaped to put it on, so, this was my best answer, as nothing else was deep enough.



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2 Responses to “Hat is done!!”

  1. Sheree Ervin says:

    You are very innovative! I love it! It makes me scared though that you had to sit down and draw it out in order to keep things sane. What pattern did you use? or is this out of your head?

  2. Liz says:

    If you do a search for mini mochi fair isle hat and mittens, it’s a free pattern

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