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Where have I been?

Much as it is “holiday” time, sadly I cant report I have been to beaches and sat in the sun and gone a lovely shade of brown and so on.. No..

I bust my knee.. I apparently have a 3rd grade tare in something on the “dark side of my knee” eg the back which is a complete tare, and well, it hurts like stink. so, Ive been sitting at home, so, I can hear you thinking about well surely that means you have even more time to crochet? yes, yes in theory it does..

I have got myself a knitting machine, and Im learning its quirks, of which it has plenty 🙂 it and I do not always agree, one thing I seem to be suffering is that Im not a skinny mini, so, I got a chunky machine cos I could be cold in the bowls of hell, but it seems for some reason Im not always going to be able to knit jumpers on it for me! the 114 stitches may not be enough 😛

so Im making a number of swatches and frogging them as i play with ideas.

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