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Now, I’ve always been honest amount my views, a large number of the crochet books I bought were tat and probably best used as fire kindling to be honest, and recently having gotten into knitting (I so need to wash my mouth with soap) I bought some knitting needle, the addi click short lace ones are pants.. Seriously, the join is too much of a ridge, and the yarn is constantly snagging on it.. Incredibly disappointing – as they werent cheap!

However, I would like to give a major big up to craftsy who not only do some great paid for classes, which are many hours in length, and you get to post questions and have the tutor reply, as well as other people, but they also do a number of free ones, ranging from how to make tasty pizza, to sewing machines, crochet, knitting, caking making .. and more still coming..

I confess, Im enrolled on 18 classes now, some are free ones, some arent..

I loved Lucy Neatby’s double knitting class, in fact, to the point I really wish she had done the rest of the knitting classes, she has a wonderful sense of humour, and I will probably sign up for any classes she does in the future.. However..

My current one Im working through which is “Knit this – mastering lace shawls” the content is good enough, but Im finding the instructor slightly wearing, I’ve watched many hours of her classes now, and I feel like Im being treated as a 3 year old, not the old bat that I am. I know it must be hard to release a tutor set of videos when theres no one there giving you direct feed back, but this is a tad too patronising.

The irish lady, who does a cable course, is good to listen to – some of the introduction are more about the instructor than the course, but, to be honest, its usually worth a listen.

I would most certainly recommend if you’re looking to learn something about a craft, whether its tatting (filed under crochet for some odd reason), paper craft, cakes, food, you name it.. there could be a good class there…

Let me know if you sign up! I’ll say hi if I see you!

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