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Lucet, French Knitting or Kumihimo?

Maybe you dont even know of them as such.. In short, they are very similar to macramé, only instead of just folding the cords you either put them round or through things.

Many of us as children had the wooden dolly with 4 prongs at the top, eg it was a usually wooden or plastic tube with a few waves for head bum etc, with 4 prongs (often pretending to be a crown) and then you wrapped it round and made cord with it – this was something my mother got me doing (well one of many things, shame she didnt show me crochet, cos she tried like mad to make me knit)

Well, I ordered me a Lucet – a 2 prong fork which makes a braid like a caston chain for knitting or crochet, and made this, this was a chunk of wool it came with, which was rather pretty.


This has however inspired me to get more into it, why? well it would make nice edging for stuff, and many a time I’ve thought of making somethign with holes and slipping a cord through it, and I’d seen a make a cord with a food mixer, but this is way cooler, as its all then by my fair paw. Now, for scale, I have man sized hands, so, the cord is about 7mm in diameter (well actually that ones squareish) but it can be used in place of any cord type stuff, so I could use it for curtain ties, jumper/cardigan ties, blanket edges, to tie up the blanket as a gift etc. It actually doesnt take that long..

Heres the tutorial I followed to make it:


There are actually 2 ways to use it, not too surprising, heres a tutorial for both, one makes the denser one I did, the other a more open one, which she shows at the start

I have since ordered a kumihimo disc and sqaure which you can use as below shows.


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