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Tardis blanket update

Following the debate over whether to unpick or not, I havent posted any updates, I have however been working on it.. Here was me, its 2.25am, and I was going to go to bed after taking a photo, to discover the stupid phone is out of juice so bad, even plugged in, the idea of flash caused it to die quickly.. 🙁

So, I waited to try and get life out the phone..

I did get side tracked trying to decide on a pattern to do with my new red heart wool, having never had this wool, its slightly thicker, not a lot, but a bit, than Im used to and feels different, I know what I originally wanted to do with one, but first effort wasnt effective, it didnt look as nice as I hoped. I then tried mixing it with a white I had doing alternate rows in an interesting way, it looked OK, but, the white is a lot thinner it seems so didnt work right, it looked better in knit stitch in alternating rows but thats a terrible waste of yarn!

I wanted to do diamonds but my brain keeps messing up the counts, I tried cables, that didnt look right either, or bobbles..

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