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Worst crochet book. EVER.

I bought this:

I got my money back, it talks of pictures that arent in the book, the formatting is terrible.

Mind you, I also got

This is an incredibly, and I cant stress that word enough, thin book for a craft with litterally 100’s stitches, and techniques, and how the same stitch using a different part of a stitch can turn it round etc, “Crochet Compendium: The Ultimate Collection of Crochet Techniques” is a huge leap, one it fails to pull off.. not a bad book


Is a a nice thick book (in paper, and works nice on the kindle too) with plenty of pictures and motifs and stitches.. sure it could have a load more stitches in, but its a good book, and I like it. and should be very useful in adding ideas to my designs, I like celtic stuff, Im sure you noticed.

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